Hello to the faithful who have hung in with my blog, and to you newbies giving it a first glance.  As you know or can read in previous blogs, my hubby and I are in the process of gaining control of our cluttered lives.  If I’ve learned nothing else during this process, I’ve learned this:  If something is neither useful nor provides you with a sense of enjoyment, you don’t need it.  Though it sounds elementary, applying that simple philosophy is much more difficult than you might think!  However, when you finally take the plunge and begin to purge, you have to have a place to put the things you actually do need, use, and love.  That’s where innovative storage comes in!


What is Your Story?

Even if you’ve gained control over the “stuff” in your life, there are lots of reasons for a shortage of storage space.  You could be:

  • An empty nester who has downsized to a smaller home;
  • A first-time homeowner with a small starter house;
  • The owner of an older home without the walk-in closets and built-in cabinetry that are standard in today’s homes.


Suggestions for Innovative Storage Solutions


Whatever your circumstances, here are a few suggestions to add innovative storage to your home.


Maximized reach-in

Renovate your Reach-in Closets

Reach-in closets typically have sliding doors with a single hang-rod and shelf extending from one end to the other.  You can triple the amount of storage capacity in your reach-in by adding double and triple-hang rods, shelving, drawers, and even a hamper.






Reach-in Bureau

Desk niche

Convert a Reach-in Closet

Do you need office space?  How about an extra bureau.  A reach-in closet can easily be converted to a desk area with shelving, or to bureau-like drawers with shelving above.




Garage StorageGarage Overhead


Maximize Your Garage

You can build a row of cabinets and workbench into the back of your garage.  There is also storage space available above the garage doors Unique sports equipment storage is also an option.



wardrobe cabinets

Add Clothes Storage Where There is None

A built-in wardrobe can add closet space in a bedroom that has none.  You can include drawers, hang space, shelving, hampers, and shoe storage, all behind doors that maintain a tidy appearance.



Storage Bench

Platform Bed

Platform Bed #2Multi-Purpose Furniture Pieces Can Double Your Space

A platform bed with storage underneath is also a great way to add storage in a smaller bedroom.  A foot-of-the-bed or coffee table bench can double as file or blanket storage.



window surround

Surround a Window

The space around a window is usually wasted.  Encircling a window with storage cupboards and shelving along with a cozy window seat can add an abundance of storage space.



pantry niche

Maximize a Small Niche

In this 1920’s kitchen, an old ironing board cupboard was converted to a closet to hold cooking spices.  What niches are there tucked away in your home?




A little imagination and creativity can add lots of innovative storage to your home.  Let Dream Closets make your ideas a reality.    Until next time, live your best life!